Jan Sig Wadsholt

Τhe share of older people in the population is continuously rising. Active participation in technological environments can play an essential role in the improvement of quality of life for older people. The TECHSenior project issue appropriate learning programs and tools so that the elders have the benefit to be more independent and active in all aspects of their social life.


Technology has the potential to enable older people to engage actively in all aspects of community life and stay independent longer

An active ageing creates wellbeing in everyday life and supports rehabilitation

Professional caregivers and volunteers who are in contact with elderly should be able to support them in making use of the opportunities offered by new technology


  • Develop a training program that will make old people more able to live an autonomous life

  • Make old people less depended on help from their partner, their children, volunteers and professional caregivers

  • Avoid loss of self – determination and self – respect


  • Trainers and teachers of care workers

  • Volunteers

  • Old people

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