Durk van Wieren

Technical and health care VET education to refugees

With the recent absorption of refugees and the prosperous economy in Europe two challenges can be recognized. How to integrate these newcomers in our society and how to solve the lack of professionals in the health care and technical sector. Combining these two challenges might be a part of the solution. I would like to share the outcomes of two Erasmus+ KA2 projects during ‘my round table’:

Within the ‘Inventory for Care à la carte’ project an inventory of the possibilities for tailor made health care education for refugees within Denmark, Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands is made, resulting in analysis of best practices/pearls of possibilities within each project country.

Through the ‘Intercultural competence in VET for wood, metal and vehicle technology’ project, VET organizations from Sweden, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands are developing an e-learning module for technical VET teachers who have to (or will) teach refugees. A useful and handy tool for better understanding and more effective and efficient education.

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