Stela Stancheva

Student Work Experience in Real Life-SWIRL project enhances the development of teaching and learning methods and contents, to ensure students gain appropriate competences for future working life and make learning more attractive. SWIRL supports new forms of working through new forms of learning: letting VET students collect, execute and present real-job tasks using the latest pedagogical and digital tools. Concretely, SWIRL aims to:

Empower VET students and boost their confidence and self-esteem by letting them realise the power of their own networks. SWIRL connects the students personal identity to their professional identity.
Develop students competences for future working life by increasing their sense of responsibility, networking skills, entrepreneurial mind-set and pro-active attitude.
Increase the pool of work-based learning opportunities for students.
Develop VET teachers’ educational and pedagogical skills by enabling VET school teachers to work with their students on Student Initiated Case Study Collection in cooperation with externals and by offering them the knowledge, tools and network to set up the SWIRL programme.
Use students network to develop and increase the VET-Business partnerships.
Increase the quality of the execution of Company Assignments by students by truly engaging the student on a personal and professional level.

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