Service Learning in Peru

AnneLiese Busch
Michael Staley

Seminole State began its relationship with Luquina Chico, a small Aymaran community located on a peninsula in Lake Titicaca, Peru, in 2016. Our intent was to forge a lasting relationship with a community where our students (with faculty guidance), could apply the knowledge and skills they acquire in their programs of study to solving real-life issues in the community. These problems could pertain to infrastructure (or lack thereof), water and sewage to name a few. Each year Seminole State sends a group of students led by a faculty member to Luquina Chico, and together our students engage with the community and draw upon their education to improve the lives of the residents. Currently, we have identified five projects in Luquina Chico, and intend to return on an annual basis until the projects are completed.

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