Florence Delseny Sobra

SEPLO stands for ‘Simplifying the Evidencing Process for Learning Outcomes’. It is a two year European project, funded by the Erasmus Plus, delivered in partnership with 6 European organisations.
Our aim is to demystify ECVET and create resources which allow for easy implementation into distinct national contexts, thus increasing the opportunity for European learners to go abroad and enrich their learning through mobility experiences.
The SEPLO project has produced six intellectual outputs, which fall into three broad categories
* Mapping of Accrediting Bodies
* Guidance on the Assessment of LOs
* Support for Vocational Colleges, Mobility Participants and Host Organisations
We have tested these resources with our partner organisations and with participants directly involved in the mobility activities of our partners so to make sure we have covered all types of situations.
All the “Support for Vocational Colleges, Mobility Participants and Host Organisations” have been developped into interactive resources that we believe are the most easier to understand and use through the ECVET process for all stakeholders: this is what we intend to present while avoiding too ‘boring’ presentation! Available in 3 languages.

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