Kent Andersen
Valentina Chanina

The Safety4El project has delivered multimedia rich outputs for training and testing safety for electricians and other employees in the building and construction industry. The materials developed are available in five languages; English, Danish, Greek, Maltese, and Spanish.

During the presentation we’ll demonstrate:
– Free and ready to use videos including 3D VR materials for use in safety cases
– an Open Educational Resource based on a Moodle MOOC with hundreds of multimedia supported multiple choice exercises

The content of the course modules has been prepared so it may be used as part of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), the CLIL scaffolding is based on online units with all words linked to dictionaries in 118 languages, this will help prepare craftsmen and apprentices for mobility.

The project has two main target groups from the same sector; electricians and electricians’ apprentices, but the bulk of the proposed outcomes is also suitable for all employees and apprentices in the construction industry.

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