Luca Boetti

All people say work experiences abroad are useful, enriching, favour employability, development of one’s skills, etc.. What are such statements based upon? Are there any studies or statistics about that declared worthiness, or better indicators to describe it and methods to measure it, in order to search for it from the very inception of mobilities and assess it downstream, to improve quality of offer, attractiveness to participants and companies, and to provide data to better focus mobility policies on EU territories?
ROI-MOB aims at putting some order in these matters, by identifying and testing some indicators suitable to measure the “Return on Investment” (ROI) in EU VET mobility (especially for 19+ years old participants, and EQF levels 4 and higher), investigating affecting factors and devising methods and tools for turning them into success factors.
This is done through a huge statistical survey among students, companies and VET providers involved in VET mobility. Collected data are analysed and findings conveyed into a single, composite, statistical figure, to build up a comprehensive “system of measurement”, including a “toolbox” for exploitation in partner and other organisations.

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