Lucia Mancino

Today the competences and skills needed to implement Erasmus+ learning mobility project belong to few VET providers. There is a need to train teachers and staff at all levels on the planning and management processes, so that they can bring this opportunity to their schools.

Mobiliteach is an international Summer School addressing teachers of VET Schools and staff of Mobility Coordinating Organisations from all over Europe interested in improving their competences on how to plan and manage Erasmus+ mobility projects. Conceived by a network of experienced partners cooperating thanks to a 2 years Erasmus+ KA2 project, the Summer School is based on trainers’ storytelling, practitioners’ peer to peer learning and on the exchange of good practices between participants .

The methodology used during the Summer School is based on experiential learning and active involvement of all participants. It includes a combination of indoor activities, mainly oriented towards promoting interaction among the attendants and simulations of real life situations, and outdoor activities where experiential learning is addressed through immersion of participants into the local culture from a personal and professional point of view.

Participants will go back home with new technical tools, with a deeper understanding of the different points of view of mobility stakeholders and with a new challenge: developing or improving learning mobility projects in their VET centres!

Our final aim? Supporting all VET providers wishing to integrate mobility in their curricula while providing a training opportunity for their teachers and mobility coordinators.

Our dream? To bring Erasmus to all the schools and training centres providing life changing experiences to their students!

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