Paul Murray

Foyle International, with over 20 years experience in hosting and sending students on internship programmes throughout Europe has developed its own specific Internship Management Centre software, specifically aimed at monitoring and controlling quality within an international mobility programme such as ERASMUS+.

The Internship Management Centre (IMC) is an innovative, cloud based, web application which is capable of managing, assigning, assessing, monitoring and generating critical documentation for work placements. Whilst guaranteeing information security, it permits adaptability and accessibly to clients by permitting access from a wide scope of devices internally and externally to the business organisation or educational establishment.

The real point of interest of this framework is that it can drastically diminish an organisation’s administrative work load by creating reports automatically, providing dashboard snapshots of crucial information, email notifications, and a great deal more. The framework decreases the general expense to an organisation in terms of time and money; it additionally gives a strong database that is not dependent on a solitary staff member’s knowledge. The IMC framework could conceivably be more productive to a business by eliminating bottlenecks such as the limiting factor of the amount of students a business can handle, due the expansive amount of administration and documentation required for each student. The framework can overcome this scenario by automating the administrative work, hence potentially increasing the maximum capacity of students a business can have.

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