MIchał Pachocki
Agnieszka Rybińska

The core objective of this research was to evaluate impact of VET mobility projects on further career paths of mobility participants. The tracer study also covered intercultural and social dimensions of mobility experience stemming not only from learning by doing but also from learning in other national and cultural contexts. The vast majority of graduates agrees that such a training experience provided them with an opportunity to try their hand in the world of work. Moreover, the respondents notes significant differences between professional experience gained in Poland and abroad, claiming the importance of the coherent strategy for planning domestic and foreign internship programmes. According to former trainees this kind of synergy between learning abroad and at sending school significantly improves the quality of provided training and its impact on their further professional careers. It should be added, however, that such impact claims to be dependent on various factors, such as the length of stay, the nature and extent of work, recruitment criteria and the quality of organisational arrangement and mentoring provided. This may indicate the salience of the sending and receiving institutions organizational capacity to deal with vocational mobility of learners.

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