Risto Virkkunen
Mari Kontturi

European Pathway -a Gateway to work (EPaG)

EPaG is a partnership project of seven Finnish VET organisations together with European partners. It is a pilot project funded by European Commission in order to pilot and develop long-term (6 – 12 months) internships abroad.

The intension is to enhance the competences and employability of the participating apprentices on a trans-European level. At the same time, the project is answering the growing demand for shifting learning to workplaces and speeding up the students’ transition to labour market that the reform of vocational education in Finland has brought since 1.1.2018.

Short-term (less than 6 months) mobility periods have been executed in Finland already for a long time. These periods enhance the participants’ personal and social skills and competences. Longer mobility periods on the other hand greatly enhance the vocational competences and employability and thus benefit the participating companies.

The project began in August 2017 and will end in January 2019. Altogether 22 Finnish young students, apprentices or graduates have taken part in this project. About one-half of the mobilities are still going on. The participants represent many professions mainly from the Hotel and Restaurant, Technical, Social and Health Care as well as Food Industry fields. Partner countries involved are e.g. Sweden, UK, Belgium, Spain, Hungary and Italy.

Presenters: International Coordinator Risto Virkkunen Kainuu Vocational College and International Coordinator Mari Kontturi Luovi College, Finland

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