Sjoerd Wanrooij

Commercialpolis is an ERASMUS+ Key Action 2 project in which six VET schools and one university participate, in collaboration with the industry, to find out what skills and knowledge we need to make attractive and binding (video) commercials.

Every day we see lots of commercials. What can we do to make these commercials catch someone’s attention? Storytelling is the new buzz word. But what skills do you need to use storytelling in the right way?

I enjoy showing you the results of this project, but more importantly; Commercialpolis is a project in which students, staff and companies work together. Commercialpolis is a “hands on” project. There are five meetings for which students from each of the seven participating countries make a pre-meeting assignment and five to six mixed teams make an assignment during the meeting. All teams are inspired by keynote speakers and all the results are given feedback by staff from local companies. A unique way to work and learn in a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary way.
Would you like to see more? Would you like to be inspired? Please come and see me.

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