Hans Daale

General Manager of LEIDO

Hans Daale is general manager of LEIDO, an independent network in the Netherlands, involved in lifelong learning. One of the most important tasks of LEIDO is to organise national and international seminars and conferences about developments in higher education, in cooperation with all stakeholders (ministry, accreditation body, inspectorate, employers’ organisations, and so on).
LEIDO has been responsible for the introduction of level 5 in the Dutch system (called: Associate degree).
His last formal position was Dean of Faculty in the HES Amsterdam School of Business (until 2005). He was also a Project manager in the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam (until 2007). Since 2007 he is working full-time for LEIDO.
Since 2013 he is chairing CHAIN5, the community of practice for level 5. This means that he is also involved in European projects concerning this EQF level.
Hans Daale is a member of the EURASHE Working Group on Employability and Lifelong Learning.

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